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Remove boring / tedious from your day.

You know your process can be better... You know automation can help.... And you have no idea where to start.Fortunately, I am a total geek when it comes to workflows. They're like puzzles I get to solve.I'm a former fintech product manager. Now I help solopreneurs and creators find the right tools for the job — whatever needs to be done.-Anna Burgess Yang

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Unsure where to begin? I can review your current process and recommend tools and improvements.

Content Calendar

Build out a content repurposing calendar automatically based on your social posts, blog, newsletter, and more.


Manual tasks eating up too much of your time? I'll set up automation in Zapier, saving you hours each week.

Content Library

Create a central hub of your published work for easy internal linking, topic clusters, and metrics.

How We'll Work Together

You know your process can be better.I'll figure out how. And set it up for you.

  • 1:1 Consultation

  • Written Recommendations

  • Build Processes and Workflows

  • Automation Setup and Testing

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What people are saying...

Anna helped us set up Zapier automation for our large online course business. The best part about working with her is she uses project management frameworks to assess the problems, find solutions and stick to deadlines. She even made proactive suggestions about what we could automate that helped us a lot.She's also reliable and responsive which is rare these days.If you're low on time or are doing lots of manual donkey work, then I thoroughly recommend you book a time to chat with Anna. Her quality of work is 10/10.

-Tim Denning (Badassery Academy)


Not quite sure if 1:1 work is right for you? Prefer self-paced material?Check out courses, eBooks, and guides I've created (including free!)


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